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  1. Animation (.anm) Files
  2. Script
    1. Root Height
    2. Object Map
    3. Joint Map
      1. Parent Name
      2. Child Name
      3. Channel

Animation (.anm) Files

Animation files are a collection of scripts (defined by `/Animation/Script` node)


The script node contains a collection of animation scripts by name, which can have a number of object and joint maps.

Root Height

float describing ____

Object Map


Joint Map

Parent Name

Parent Name of joint as specified in Cmpnd

Child Name

Child Name of joint as specified in Cmpnd


  • int32 Number Of Frames
  • float Interval
  • int32 Type
Value Type
1 Single angle for joint to rotate to
4 Quaternion
128 ?? - Found in Dfm
144 ?? - Found in Dfm Object Maps