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  1. Material library
    1. Single pass materials
    2. Two-pass materials
    3. Special materials
      1. Nebula materials
      2. Nomad materials
      3. Null material

Material library

Single pass materials

These are common materials also known as single pass materials. Two-sided variants (backface not culled) are indicated by Two suffix at the name.

Type Description
DcDt Diffuse color + Diffuse texture
DcDtEc Diffuse color + Diffuse texture + Emission color
DcDtOcOt Diffuse color + Diffuse texture + Opacity color + Opacity texture
DcDtEcOcOt Diffuse color + Diffuse texture + Emission color + Opacity color + Opacity texture
DcDtEt Diffuse color + Diffuse texture + Emission texture
EcEt Emission color + Emission texture
DcDtTwo Two-sided variant of DcDt
DcDtEcTwo Two-sided variant of DcDtEc
DcDtOcOtTwo Two-sided variant of DcDtOcOt
DcDtEcOcOtTwo Two-sided variant of DcDtEcOcOt

Two-pass materials

Special materials

Nebula materials

Material uses vertex color for texture tint and adds vertex alpha to transparency of diffuse texture provided it’s in DXT5 format. Cannot be animated.

Type Description
Nebula Diffuse texture tinted by vertex color with blending (ADD, SRCALPHA, ONE)
NebulaTwo Two-sided variant of Nebula.

Nomad materials

Translucent shader effect with environment mapping applied. Cannot be animated.

Type Description

Null material

Game defaults to this material if material referenced cannot be found in material library.

Type Description
NullMaterial Plain transparent.