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  1. Equipment
    1. Common
      1. Lootables
      2. Mountables
    2. Weapons
      1. Armaments
      2. Munition
      3. Motors
      4. Explosions


Equipment is a bit of a maze in Freelancer. Equipment definitions have lot of properties and often interconnected with each other.


These are properties common to most equipment definitions.


Usually these are stackable projectiles such as missiles, torpedoes, mines and countermeasures.

Property Type Description
loot_appearance string Reference to loot crate that will be used for visual representation.
units_per_container uint When X amount of stackable equipment is dropped the game will generate ceil(x/units_per_container) lootables and assign number of units each hold.


Visible equipment that is attached to hardpoints and can take damage and be blown off.

Property Type Description
DA_archetype string 3D model.
LODranges …uint Customized level of detail ranges for equipment archetype.
hit_pts uint32 Hitpoints.
HP_child string Hardpoint in DA_archetype used to connect to attachment hardpoint on target. Typically HpConnect.
explosion_resistance float How much area of effect damage is reduced (0 - none, 1 - completely ignores AoE damage)
debris_type string Debris effect that is fired upon destruction
separation_explosion string Explosion effect that is fired upon destruction (separation from attached part)



Anything that shoots: guns, turrets, launchers, etc. Armaments inherits from Mountables.

Property Type Desciprtion
damage_per_fire int Damage to hull each shot takes.
power_usage int How much energy each shot takes.
toughness float Adds ‘toughness’ points. The higher the rating the less likely NPCs will attack you or bail out of fight quicker.
dry_fire_sound string Name of sound effect when there isn’t enough energy to make a shot.
use_animation string Play compound mesh animation script on each shot.
refire_delay float Hard cooldown before another shot could be made.
muzzle_velocity float Initial velocity given to projectile.
flash_particle_name string Particle effect used for muzzle flash.
flash_radius float Visibility range for muzzle flash particle effect.
light_anim string Light effect?
projectile_archetype string Name of munition this thing shoots.
turn_rate float Turn rate for armaments attached to revolute hardpoints. Also affects turn rate of the barrel(s).
gun_elevation float Supposedly it limited gun base and barrel angles. Apparently not used in game. Instead same is done by revolute hardpoint min/max angles the gun is attached to, and by revolute barrel joint within turret .cmp.
dispersion_angle float Randomizes muzzle angle from 0 to this value if present.
AI_range float Prevents AI pilots from using this equipment after exceeding this distance from target(s).
auto_turret bool Automatic turret?


Projectiles that are shot by guns: bullets, missiles, mines, countermeasures, etc.

Munition equipment (bullets, missiles, mines, whatever):

Property Type Appearance Description
motor string Munition Add acceleration motor to projectile.
detonation_dist float Munition
Triggers explosion at a distance from target.
explosion_arch string Munition
Explosion (triggered by detonation_dist). Reference to [Explosion]\nickname in equipment INIs.
one_shot_sound string Munition
Firing shot sound.
const_effect string Munition
Effect applied to projectile.
munition_hit_effect string Munition Effect applied to hit point. Effect will attach to object it got hit.
HP_trail_parent string Munition
const_effect is applied to this hardpoint of projectile if it has a mesh.
lifetime float Munition
How long projectile lives before vanishing off.
seeker string Munition Turns projectile into a missile. DUMB is dumb missile. SEEK will attempt to home onto target.
time_to_lock float Munition Delay before homing missile will lock onto target.
seeker_range float Munition Homing missile tracking distance.
seeker_fov_deg float Munition Homing missile field of vision limit.
seek_dist float Mine Maximum distance within which mines will scan for a target.
max_angular_velocity float Munition Homing missile turn speed.
top_speed float Mine Mine maximum speed.
acceleration float Mine Mine acceleration upon following target and until reaching top speed.
owner_safe_time float Mine Mine safety time before before it'll starting homing onto owner as well.
linear_drag float Mine Velocity drag. Used by countermeasures and mines.
range float Countermeasure Capture range. Used by countermeasures.
diversion_pctg float Countermeasure Diversion percentage. Used by countermeasures.
force_gun_ori bool Munition
Forces projectile orientation to HpFire hardpoint of the gun.
requires_ammo bool Munition
Requires ammo to fire.
cruise_disruptor bool Munition
Damage disables engine cruise mode.
damage int Munition Appears somewhere?
weapon_type string Munition Damage type applied by projectile.


Motors provide constant acceleration to projectile on top of the existing initial velocity.

Property Type Description
lifetime float How long motor will work.
accel float Motor will provide acceleartion.
delay float Delay activating motor acceleration.



Munitions refer to these, so don’t get them confused with [explosion] in FX\explosions.ini, although related they are different.

Property Type Description
effect string Reference to FX\effects.ini\[Effect]\nickname.
lifetime float, float Explosion lifetime?
process string Available values: ‘none’, ‘disappear’, ‘shatter’.
strength float Dunno.
radius float Blast radius. Apparently there’s no damage falloff due to distnace?
hull_damage int Damage to hull.
energy_damage int Damage to shield or power capacity if shield is down.
impulse float Force vector applied to all moveable objects caught in radius.