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  1. Object types
  2. Hardpoint types
  3. Predefined part names

Object types

Defined in EXE\Common.dll at offset range 0x141088-0x1411CF.

Name Category Description
BULLET Projectile Projectiles
LOOT Miscellaneous Loot boxes in space
MINE Projectile Mines (weapon projectile, not asteroids)
GUIDED Projectile Missiles
MINING Ship Mining vessels
CAPITAL Ship Battleships
TRANSPORT Ship Transports
CRUISER Ship Cruisers
GUNBOAT Ship Gunboats
FREIGHTER Ship Freigters
FIGHTER Ship Fighters (elites too)
WAYPOINT Solar Rotating waypoint thingy used during missions
STATION Solar Dockable station
TRADELANE_RING Solar Tradelane ring
AIRLOCK_GATE Solar Instant travel ‘jumphole’ activated by proximity
MISSION_SATELLITE Solar Non-dockable mission object
NON_TARGETABLE Solar Non-targetable object
DESTROYABLE_DEPOT Solar Destoryable depot that drops loot
WEAPONS_PLATFORM Solar Weapons platform that have AI and can shoot
JUMP_HOLE Solar Dockable jumphole
JUMP_GATE Solar Dockable jumpgate
DOCKING_RING Solar Dockable planet docking ring
SATELLITE Solar Non-dockable stationary object
BLACKHOLE Solar Blackhole?
ASTEROID Generated Asteroid generated by asteroid field
SUN Solar Sun object
PLANET Solar Planet object
MOON Solar Moon? object
NONE Miscellaneous ?

Hardpoint types

Defined in EXE\Common.dll at offset range 0x1408B0-0x140EBB.

Name Description
hp_gun hp
hp_shield_generator hp
hp_fighter_shield_generator hp
hp_elite_shield_generator hp
hp_freighter_shield_generator hp
hp_thruster hp
hp_torpedo hp
hp_mine_dropper hp
hp_turret hp
hp_countermeasure_dropper hp
hp_cargo_pod hp
hp_gun_special_1 hp
hp_gun_special_2 hp
hp_gun_special_3 hp
hp_gun_special_4 hp
hp_gun_special_5 hp
hp_gun_special_6 hp
hp_gun_special_7 hp
hp_gun_special_8 hp
hp_gun_special_9 hp
hp_gun_special_10 hp
hp_turret_special_1 hp
hp_turret_special_2 hp
hp_turret_special_3 hp
hp_turret_special_4 hp
hp_turret_special_5 hp
hp_turret_special_6 hp
hp_turret_special_7 hp
hp_turret_special_8 hp
hp_turret_special_9 hp
hp_turret_special_10 hp
hp_torpedo_special_1 hp
hp_torpedo_special_2 hp
hp_fighter_shield_special_1 hp
hp_fighter_shield_special_2 hp
hp_fighter_shield_special_3 hp
hp_fighter_shield_special_4 hp
hp_fighter_shield_special_5 hp
hp_fighter_shield_special_6 hp
hp_fighter_shield_special_7 hp
hp_fighter_shield_special_8 hp
hp_fighter_shield_special_9 hp
hp_fighter_shield_special_10 hp
hp_elite_shield_special_1 hp
hp_elite_shield_special_2 hp
hp_elite_shield_special_3 hp
hp_elite_shield_special_4 hp
hp_elite_shield_special_5 hp
hp_elite_shield_special_6 hp
hp_elite_shield_special_7 hp
hp_elite_shield_special_8 hp
hp_elite_shield_special_9 hp
hp_elite_shield_special_10 hp
hp_freighter_shield_special_1 hp
hp_freighter_shield_special_2 hp
hp_freighter_shield_special_3 hp
hp_freighter_shield_special_4 hp
hp_freighter_shield_special_5 hp
hp_freighter_shield_special_6 hp
hp_freighter_shield_special_7 hp
hp_freighter_shield_special_8 hp
hp_freighter_shield_special_9 hp
hp_freighter_shield_special_10 hp

Predefined part names

Defined in EXE\Common.dll at offset range 0x140F04-0x140FFB.

Name Description
Starboard_Arm part
Port_Arm part
Starboard_Side_Panel part
Port_Side_Panel part
Tail part
Spoiler part
Bottom_Engine part
Top_Engine part
Starboard_Engine part
Middle_Engine part
Port_Engine part
Engine part
Middle_Wing part
Starboard_Wing part
Port_Wing part
Starboard_Fin part
Port_Fin part
Top_Fin part
Fin part