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  1. Universal Tree Format
    1. Header
    2. Entry
  2. Names
  3. Alignment

Universal Tree Format

Binary format used by most content assets in Freelancer. Stores hierarchical structure with named nodes (called entries) and arbitrary fixed length binary content. Not too dissimilar to XML but significantly simpler.

Header is at least 56 bytes.

Offset Type Name Description
0x00 uint32 Signature FourCC signature. Must always be 0x20465455 (UTF ).
0x04 uint32 Version UTF version. Must always be 0x101.
0x08 uint32 Tree offset Typically 56 as tree follows right after header.
0x0C uint32 Tree size Bytes used by tree. Divide by entry size to get number of entries in tree.
0x10 uint32 Unused entry offset Skip reading entries to offset, usually is 0.
0x14 uint32 Entry size Byte length of single entry record in tree.
0x18 uint32 Names offset Location of entry names dictionary.
0x1C uint32 Names allocated size Bytes pre-allocated for names.
0x20 uint32 Names used size Bytes actually used by dictionary.
0x24 uint32 Data start offset Entry values start offset
  • Entry size value must be 44, otherwise Freelancer will not process the file and in some cases crash.
  • Unused offset and size are non-zero in few Freelancer files where the nodes seem were removed yet entry data remained. An example of such are several fighter ships shield .3db files.


Usually 44 bytes

Offset Type Name Description
0x00 uint32 Next sibling offset  
0x04 uint32 Dictionary name offset  
0x08 uint32 Entry type Directory or file (see: Win32 API dwFileAttributes)
0x0C uint32 Sharing attributes  
0x10 uint32 Child or data offset Offset to child entry if type is 0x80 or to data if type is 0x10
0x14 uint32 Allocated data size Allocated data byte length.
0x18 uint32 Used data size Actually used data byte length.
0x20 uint32 Uncompressed data size Same as above.
0x24 uint32 Creation time  
0x28 uint32 Last access time  
0x2C uint32 Last write time  
  • In theory timestamps can be cut to save some space for UTFs with a lot of entries. The game doesn’t mind.


Dictionary of names is simply a sequence of NUL terminated C-strings. Characters are limited to ASCII range.

  • In Freelancer UTFs first byte is always 0. Entries present in tree but no longer referenced (marked for deletion?) have their name offsets at 0 as well.


Freelancer UTFs do 32-bit alignment by adding padding to names dictionary and to each data if necessary. The game however does not require alignment and can work with non-aligned UTFs. Creating non-aligned UTFs will cause certain community-made modding tools to fail